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Bacău municipality – County seat

County seat for the homonymous jurisdiction, Bacău municipality is situated in the Central part of Moldova, 9 km upstream the Siret-Bistriţa confluence. Also known as  “Bacovia’s city”, Bacău is the third biggest city in Moldova, having an area of 43km² and a population of approximately 150,000 (estimated in 2011).

The city is crossed by the european roads E85 and E 57 that link it with Bucharest, the Northern side of the country and Transylvania. The railway network ensures the railway access.

Bacău has an international airoport that provide regular flights to different national and European destinations, the airport had a  recorded traffic of  318,000 passangers in the year 2011.

The climate of the area is an accentuated continental-temperate one, with cold winters,  and dry hot summers. The average annual temperature is 9 °C, oscilating between -4 °C in January and 20,6 °C in June, a slight modification in the thermal regime has been observed in the last few years because of the dam lakes and global warming.

Although the first documentary attestation is found in the commercial provileges offered by Alexandre the Good to the Lvov merchants (1408), the origin of the city is lost in the mists of time. What we know for sure is that at the end of the 14th century, Bacău was already a well coagulated urban settlement, one of the most prosper in the Southern part of Moldova, having military and commercial attributions.

The city of Bacău was occupied, for a short while, by the Hungarian armies, led by Matei Corvin in 1467. The city is also renowned for its important role in the commercial relationships  between Moldova, Transylvania and Wallachia, also being a very important customs point.

In the 15th century, Alexander, the son of Stephen the Great, settled here, and ordered the  construction of the Royal Court and Precista Church, both symbols and historic monuments of the city.

Initially a borough,  Bacău became a city, and by royal decree it was eleveted to a municipality in 1929.

On July 21st 1821, Bacău city became the birthplace of the poet Vasile Alecsandri. Apart from him, other great names have been tied to this region: George Bacovia, George Enescu,  Vasile Pârvan, Grigore Tăbăcaru, Nicu Enea, George Apostu and several other outstanding figures.


Accommodation facilities

In Bacău municipality there are 5 hotels, 2 hostels and 12 guest houses.


Access routes


The road access into Bacău municipality is insured by European roads E85 (Suceava- Bucureşti route), E60 (from Piatra Neamţ) and E 574 (from Oneşti) and by the National Road 2G (from Moineşti municipality).

The Bacău municipality is connected with cities from all over the country, there are means of transport circulating regularly, both inside and outside the city.


Bacău municipality is part of the main railway 500, București (nord) - Ploiești (sud) - Adjud - Pașcani - Suceava - Vicșani.

Bacău has one of the three international airports in the North- Eastern Region, insuring airline connections with international destinations from Italy, Belgium, Spain and Great Britain.

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