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Slanic Moldova

Slănic Moldova resort is famous  for its springs of carbonated water, soda water, light sulphur water, chlorate water, hypertonic, hypotonic and oligomineral water, discovered as early as 1801. In 1852 the first chemical tests were carried out, and in 1877 the first spa facilities appeared. In time, the qualities of the mineral waters discovered here were confirmed by the medals won at the international exhibitions in Paris, Vienna, Frankfurt/Main, etc. The specialists compared them with the mineral waters of Karlovy Vary, Vichy, Aix-les-Bains, etc. Called ”the Pearl of Moldavia”, Slănic Moldova ensures treatment for digestive disturbances (hypo and hyper-acid chronic gastritis, gastric and duodenal ulcer, at least three years after the painful episode, post-surgery stomach troubles, non-typical chronic colitis, irritable colon, chronic constipation), hepatobiliary diseases (biliary diskinesia, chronic colecistitis with or without stones, liver disease post-surgery conditions), metabolic and nutritional diseases (melitus diabetis, weak and intermediate forms, obesity), kidney and urinary diseases (conditions after the treatment of urinary infections, where there were no lesions or kidney malfunctions). External cure with the mineral waters of Slănic Moldova helps in the treatment of degenarative and diarthritic rheumatism), heart, circulation and respiratory diseases (alergic asthma, chronic bronchitis, chronic sinusitis, pulmonary emphysema), treatment of endocrine diseases (pre-puberal conditions in hyper-reactive children), gynecologic diseases (ovary menopausal syndrome) and other diseases. For the internal cure with mineral water, springs number 1, number 8 and number 8 bis (which are in the same pavilion), number 3 and number 10 (which are in another pavilion) are recommended. Here there are facilities for hot baths in the mineral water tub, facilities for respiratory therapy, electrotherapy and hydrotherapy, kinetotherapy pools, choke damps, facilities for the treatment of some peripheral circulation diseases and medical gymnastics. The patients may take a bus to Târgu Ocna (18 km), where there is an underground spa sanitarium with a saline micro-climate. There is also a mineral water bottling station.



The resort has 5 hotels, 14 cottages and 16 pensions, 1 tourist complex, 1 camping and a sanitarium complex.


How to get there


The straight access to the resort is possible only by car. The resort is connected through DN 12B from Oneşti or Miercurea-Ciuc to Târgu Ocna along DN 12A; then it takes you to Târgu Ocna – Slănic Moldova along DN 12B


from Bacău DN 11 (the road to Braşov) to Oneşti, then Oneşti – Târgu Ocna – Slănic Moldova along DN 12B.

Public transport is provided by buses whose itineraries connect the neighbouring places, Tg. Ocna, Oneşti and Bacău.

There are coach departures to Târgu Ocna Salt mine.


Indirect connection: Salina (Târgu Ocna) railway station, calling at Adjud – Ciceu, then the coach to Slănic Moldova.

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