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Târgu Ocna

The diversity of tourism resources that Târgu Ocna possesses offers tourism possibilities  such as:

Spa treatment tourism– provided by the existance of natural cure factors, by the Măgura Balneary treatment facility, and by the treatment facilities organised by the Târgu Ocna Salt Mine Society at horizon IX level. Natural balneo-therapeutic factors:


  • sulfurous mineral waters,  waters with chlorine, sodium, bicarbonate, hypotonic, recommended for treating problems with the digestive tract, hepato-biliary affections, cronic gynecological diseases, rheumatic pains, respiratory problems;
  • the salt mine environment (Târgu Ocna salt mine) of any micro-climate is recommended in treating cronic respiratory problems (mainly asthma and chronic bronchitis)
  • relaxing, cleansing, slightly stimulating  bioclimate.

At the basis of the Măgura hill slope there are seven mineral water creeks, along an alignment, their captivation has been arranged over 100 years ago (in 1888). The exterior arrangements, made of wood, are covered, have the appearance of kiosks, and the waters run freely along plastic pipelines, in buvettes. The mineralogic composition and therapeutic recommendations are visibly displayed.

The analysis accomplished by the National Institute of Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation and Balneoclimatology (NIPMRB) showed that these compositions are between 4,139 and 12,793 g/l and may be used in internal and external therapeutic cure, as they are presented in the following table. Therapeutic indications of the springs*

The salt mine is situated about 2 km outside the town, in the salt massif Vâlcele-Slatinele, 240 m deep and represents, through its salt mine microclimate, an important natural factor used in the therapy for respiratory diseases.

The recognition and use of the therapeutic value of salt mine microclimate, became important mostly in the last few decades, but it started with a series of observations in the XIX century, the observations consisting in the absence of chronic bronchitis and asthma in the pitmen working in the Wieliczka salt mines, as well as the rapid recovery from these diseases in new emplyees, the betterment and even disappearence of asthma crisis in the diseased who used Kluttert salt cave as refuge against bombing during the two world wars.

The main characteristic of the microclimate of salt mines is the constant physical, chemical and microbiological parameters (no daily or seasonal variations), unlike the exterior air.

The main climatic parameters for the salt mines in Romania are:  temperature, about 12° – 13°, 60-80% relative humidity, streams of air with reduced speeds, practically imperceptible, air pressure similar to the exterior one, with small differences.

All these characteristics determine a bioclimate with low cooling thermic discomfort, with moderate parameters of cutaneous and pulmonary hypotonic stress.

To sum it up, the salt mine bioclimate has a relaxing cleansing effect, with low index of stress, slightly cool temperatures and balanced humidity.

Accommodation facilities

The resort has 5 holiday homes, 1 hotel, 1 motel and 6 guest houses.
Access routes

The road access to the resort is through National Road 12A, from Oneşti or Miercurea-Ciuc. From Bacău, there is National Road 11 (the road to Braşov) to Oneşti, then Oneşti-Târgu Ocna on National Road 12A.


Direct connections to the stations: Salina and Tîrgu Ocna on the Adjud – Ciceu line.

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