Târgu Ocna

Târgu Ocna The diversity of tourism resources that Târgu Ocna possesses offers tourism possibilities  such as: Spa treatment tourism– provided by the existance of natural cure factors, by the Măgura Balneary treatment facility, and by the treatment facilities organised by the Târgu Ocna Salt Mine Society at horizon IX level. Natural balneo-therapeutic factors:   sulfurous mineral waters,  waters with chlorine, sodium, bicarbonate, hypotonic, recommended for…

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Moineşti municipality

Moineşti municipality The first documentary attestation of the city dates from the year 1467, The name of the city is mentioned in the work Descriptio Moldaviae , written by the scholar Dimitrie Cantemir. In 1832 it is attested as a borough. During this period, a very powerful Jewish community was formed here. It resisted until the instauration of communism. Among the Jewish people born in Moinești…

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Bacău municipality – County seat

Bacău municipality – County seat County seat for the homonymous jurisdiction, Bacău municipality is situated in the Central part of Moldova, 9 km upstream the Siret-Bistriţa confluence. Also known as  “Bacovia’s city”, Bacău is the third biggest city in Moldova, having an area of 43km² and a population of approximately 150,000 (estimated in 2011). The city is crossed by the european roads E85 and E…

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Dărmăneşti Flanked by the Nemira, Ciuc and  Berzunţi mountains, situated at the confluence of the rivers Uz and Trotuş,  Dărmăneşti turistic area comprises several tourist sights with a great development potential not yet exploited. The exceptional natural frame, with natural reservations and wilderness areas one rarely comes across in a lifetime, the unique customs and traditions, preserved religiously by the local people, among which the…

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Slanic Moldova

Slanic Moldova Slănic Moldova resort is famous  for its springs of carbonated water, soda water, light sulphur water, chlorate water, hypertonic, hypotonic and oligomineral water, discovered as early as 1801. In 1852 the first chemical tests were carried out, and in 1877 the first spa facilities appeared. In time, the qualities of the mineral waters discovered here were confirmed by the medals won at the…

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Sustainable development

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